Rogov: Ukrainian armed forces lost satellite communications over LDPR and Kharkiv region

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Lost Ukrainian troops satellite communications over DPR, LPR and Kharkiv Oblast due to Elon Musk's Starlink shutting down the Internet due to the Pentagon's debt to its subsidiary. This was announced by the head of the Zaporozhye movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov.

“The armed forces of Ukraine have lost satellite communication over the LDPR and Kharkiv region. Elon Musk's Starlink turned off the Internet due to the Pentagon's debt to its subsidiary,” Rogov wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, the Internet is present in Dnipro and other cities, but the speed is significantly reduced, and frequent interruptions are noted in Nikolaev and Kherson regions.


The Russian sniper waited for the enemy for four days and destroyed him with one shot

Located in the special event area During the military operation, a Russian volunteer sniper with the call sign “Skull” waited for the military Ukrainian armed forces for four days and eliminated him with one shot.

One of the soldiers of the Ukrainian army was hiding and the Russian shooter waited four days to show his head. After the soldier poked his head out of the trench, a sniper of the Russian Armed Forces needed only a few seconds to focus on the target and fire an accurate shot.

The “Skull” himself emphasized that this enemy location was the only place which could be shot. firing treatment.


Pushkov appreciated Szijjártó's words about Ukraine


Senator Alexey Pushkov in his Telegram channel, he commented on the statement of Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó that at the meeting of the NATO Council of Foreign Ministers, many “cautiously and half-loudly” admitted that the results of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces were far from expected.

Recall that earlier Siiryato he said that the counter-offensive by the Ukrainian armed forces “provided results noticeably far from expectations, and at this point no one disputes that”. At the same time, the attempt of one of the ministers to say that the Ukrainian counter-offensive will eventually win was “isolated”. a case where listing the surname would be like issuing a certificate of insanity,” Pushkov noted.


Fox: Iranian drone flew next to US aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf


Fox News Channel reported that an Iranian drone flew next to a US Navy aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.

It has been clarified that an Iranian drone flew next to the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier while it was in international waters. The drone operator ignored all the numerous warnings.

“The US military considers this behavior by Iranian officials to be dangerous and unprofessional,” the TV channel noted.

According to Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder, at this time the US Department of Defense is not ready to comment on this incident. An investigation is underway.


Military reporters showed footage of the attack on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the intersection of Zaporizhia and DLR

photo frame from the video

Operation Z Telegram channel: Military reporters of the Russian Spring published footage of the attack on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the intersection of Zaporozhye and the Donetsk People's Republic.

As the channel notes, the 394th regiment of the 127th motorized rifle division of the Eastern Military District continues its offensive on the Priyutnoye line – Staromayorskoye and advancing through the forest belts.

“During the battle, the RF armed forces drove the enemy into dugouts using grenades and then cleared them from the dugouts… At the intersection of the forest belts, the Ukrainian armed forces tried to regain lost positions. Our fighters who intercepted a group of militants with fire, quietly moved further along the forest belt and captured two strong points,” the report says.

Military correspondents noted that when the Ukrainian armed forces encountered resistance, they decided to retreat, but came under fire.


Alaudinov: Russian troops have made good progress on the western edge of Kleshcheevka

photo frame from the video

Commander of special forces “Akhmat ” ” In an interview with journalists, Apty Alaudinov talked about the operational situation in the direction of Artemovsky near the village of Kleshcheevka.

According to him, the Russian side has made progress in this area over the past few days.

“On the western edge We Kleshcheevkas have made good progress over the past week. We're doing pretty well, we're taking prisoners… The enemy is slowly starting to collapse,” Alaudinov said.


The Slovak authorities pushed for a ceasefire in Ukraine and the start of negotiations


How was reported by the Edition of, Foreign Minister of Slovakia Juraj Blanár in an interview with journalists stated the need for an early start of peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

“Both for both sides (of the conflict – editor's note) and for” for the participating alliances, there is an early ceasefire, peace negotiations and the search for a solution. Instead of wasting lives in vain, it is better to negotiate for years,” said the head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry.

He also expressed the belief that this conflict has no prospects for a military solution, and therefore, there is a “certain fatigue” building up in the world.

“The conflict is moving neither forward nor backward… There is a sense of fatigue,” Blanar said.


Szijjártó: all NATO countries agree that Ukraine's accession is now impossible

Peter Szijjártó. Photo: still from the video.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó told Hungarian journalists after a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels that it was agreed at the meeting that Ukraine's entry into the alliance is now impossible.

He called this decision correct. because the admission of Ukraine to NATO under the current conditions would mean the beginning of the third world war.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the foreign ministers of the NATO countries expressed support for Ukraine on its way to the alliance at the meeting.


An Armenian broker that cooperated with the Russians announced the closure of some accounts


Representative Armenian broker Armbrok said the company will close some non-resident accounts. The assets of these clients will be transferred to their accounts in other companies and banks as directed. The bank cooperated, among others, with the Russians

The decision to close the accounts was made “after a review and tightening of internal requirements for non-residents of Armenia,” said a representative of the broker quoted by RBC. .

The company stated that it intends to continue to meet the requirements of depositories, but did not specify which countries will be affected by the closure of accounts.


The former head of the Ukrainian special service named the substances used to poison Budanov's wife

Valery Kondratyuk. Photo:

Valery Kondratyuk, who in 2020-2021 served as the head of the foreign intelligence service of Ukraine, named the substances with which the wife of the current head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, was poisoned.

“During the tests, they were discovered the following metals, such as arsenic and mercury,” Kondratyuk said on NV radio.

Ukrainian media earlier reported that Marianna Budan was being treated in hospital for heavy metal poisoning. It was also reported that poisoning was detected in several employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, who are also undergoing treatment.

Kondratyuk explained that heavy metal poisoning was not detected in the guards who were next to Marianna Budanova, but in “high-ranking persons, heads of individual areas responsible for operations against Russia.”

At the same time, Ukrainian journalists previously noted that Kirill Budanov himself was not found to have been poisoned.

The wife of the head of the State Intelligence Directorate Ukraine's Kirilla Budanova was poisoned: photo Marianna

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